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Netagen Talks to Tareq Cora - Communications Engineer at Toronto Fire Services

NG911 Interview with Tareq Cora - Communications Engineer at Toronto Fire Services

Tareq Cora is part of the Technology Division, in particular the Radio section at the Toronto Fire Services. He is responsible for mission critical communication including the Toronto Fire Service's Radio infrastructure, Station Alerting and 911 communications. He is currently supporting two complete communication centers, 85 Fire Stations, and approximately 150 Emergency response vehicles.

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Video Integration into Niagara College Unified Communications

Ontario's Top Applied Arts and Technology College enhances Communication and Collaboration with Netagen

When Niagara College’s legacy unified communications no longer met the needs of their substantial growth, they needed a partner to modernize their unified communications to deliver dynamic health sciences education and training.

"Netagen integrates well and their solutions are priced competitively” — John Levay, Niagara College Director of Information Technology Services

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ExtremeCloud IQ is the top Network Management Platform

Top 3 Reasons Why ExtremeCloud IQ is the Industry Leading Network Management Platform

In our last blog post Cloud-Managed Networks: What is It and Why is Now the Time To Switch? we discussed cloud-managed networking (also referred to as centralized network management) and explained that the key benefit of having a centralized network management system is to manage all aspects of your network in one place, which enables your IT team to do more with less and make time for the work that matters. Today, we’ll be discussing the ExtremeCloud IQ solution and exploring the top three reasons why this cloud-managed network solution is second to none. 

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