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Networking Support for Cloud Computing

Cloud-Managed Networks: What is It and Why is Now the Time To Switch?


Most modern tech companies use buzzwords referring to the cloud arbitrarily, without making it clear what they mean to consumers. There are many different types of cloud computing and services, but for this blog, we’ll discuss cloud-managed networking. So, what exactly is “cloud management networking”? To the point: cloud-managed networking is centralized network management. Centralized network management allows your IT team to manage all aspects of your network in one place; involving the administration, operation, maintenance, and provisioning.  

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Netagen Talks to NENA Canadian Region Director Holly Barkwell

The Time to Upgrade to NG911 is NOW

Holly Barkwell is the President and CEO of Barkwell Holland Group Inc. She serves as the current National Emergency Number Association (NENA) Canadian Region Director and is an active participant in multiple industry associations including APCO, and the Emergency Services Working Group (ESWG); a committed group of Telecommunication Service Providers, Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), and 911 Industry specialists working hard on the national plan to transition to NG9-1-1. She has a wide-ranging emergency communications background, working with multiple provincial and local governments across Canada and the U.S. Over the last two and a half decades she has worked with multiple public safety agencies, delivering comprehensive time-tested proven solutions to their operational and technical challenges. Through her international involvement with innovative interoperability projects (including the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)) Holly has demonstrated that interoperability is achievable without requiring massive capital expenditures.                                          

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