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Commander 911 Solution

Transition to Netagen’s Commander 911 Solution

PSAPs might not have the skills in-house to execute a NG9-1-1 implementation. The NG9-1-1 transition is technically complex and PSAPs require a trusted solution integrator to identify the tasks and resources needed. Netagen’s Commander 911 solution is the perfect one-stop-shop-as-a-managed service business model to fully prepare your PSAP for NG-9-1-1 compliance.

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Netagen Talks to Tareq Cora - Communications Engineer at Toronto Fire Services

Interview with Tareq Cora - Communications Engineer at Toronto Fire Services

Tareq Cora is part of the Technology Division, in particular the Radio section at the Toronto Fire Services. He is responsible for mission critical communication including the Toronto Fire Service's Radio infrastructure, Station Alerting and 911 communications. He is currently supporting two complete communication centers, 85 Fire Stations, and approximately 150 Emergency response vehicles.

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