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Zoom Cloud Migration

Zoom can help you migrate to the cloud! Here's why you should migrate your outdated on-premise PBX to a modern cloud communications platform.

Many of your business applications have already migrated to the cloud solutions, such as CRM, HRIS, cloud storage, and other productivity solutions. Cloud computing has provided enhanced flexibility, agility, and access to advanced functionality and innovation for these applications. Next up in your cloud migration strategy is moving your outdated on-premise PBX to a cloud service. As you evaluate your upcoming digital transformation initiatives, consider the benefits of moving to cloud communications. With the flexibility to be hyper-responsive to headcount and office changes, cost-effective access to innovative new features, and the opportunity to outsource routine operational tasks, your team can better focus on other strategic priorities to grow your business. Google Drivers for Implementing Cloud Solutions

According to Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 report “Succeed in the Digital Era with Cloud Communications,” once you decide to move your business communications platform to the cloud, it’s important to evaluate your next vendor partner to make sure they:

  • Have strong expertise in advanced real-time communications and collaboration services 
  • Are a market leader that is always innovating ahead of the curve 
  • Offer flexible deployment options to support various endpoints, connectivity, and calling plans
  • Provide an easy, modern UX to maximize user adoption benefits and organizational ROI
  • Focus on ease of use and simplicity as key parts of their vision and technology foundation

    Zoom Phone AdvantageFrom small businesses to large enterprises, Zoom Phone has innovated beyond the traditional voice experience and the expected inbound and outbound calling. Zoom’s unified communications platform is uniquely architected to deliver modern video, voice, messaging, and collaboration features from a single integrated client, enabling people to get work done in the communication style they’re most comfortable with. From desk phones to conference or meeting rooms, desktops, and mobile devices, your team can seamlessly move between devices and modes of conversation. They can easily switch from a team chat to a Zoom phone call, and then move that to a face-to-face video Zoom cloud meeting — all within one cloud communication platform.  

Migrate to Cloud CommunicationsWe get it: You might be worried about the cloud migration process. No need to worry. We’ve helped thousands of companies make a seamless transition to Zoom Phone. Zoom offers a secure and reliable hybrid approach that can support legacy on-premise solutions while providing a clear cloud migration path.  With Zoom Phone, Zoom’s Professional Services and Customer Success teams provide a white-glove cloud migration strategy, number porting, deployment, and provisioning, as well as post-sales support to assist, train, and ensure the success of business IT teams and end users.

PSTN Connectivity

Other cloud service providers may force you to go all-in on day one with them, which often means abruptly migrating away from your current carrier and on-premise PBX solution to the provider’s native PSTN VoIP service.  Zoom, on the other hand, offers an optional hybrid collaboration model to provide more flexibility as organizations move to the cloud. This unique capability gives you all of the benefits and features of Zoom Phone while keeping your existing service provider contracts, phone numbers, and calling rates with your preferred carrier of record and if needed, an incumbent PBX. It’s more flexibility and less risk for your business.

Migrate to ZoomZoom is a leader in delivering advanced cloud-based services. Our comprehensive unified communications platform not only saves costs and delivers the synergy of linking various modes of communication, but it also eliminates the complicated management of an on-premise PBX and other applications.  Frost & Sullivan digs into the pressing need for scalable cloud communications solutions in its e-book titled “Succeed in the Digital Era with Cloud Communications: Enabling the Collaborative Workplace with Modern UCaaS.” Read the full report today and learn why the Zoom platform enables the workplace of the future. And be sure to let us know when you're ready to migrate to the cloud!

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